About Mickey Harris

Mickey is one of the pioneers of freehand airbrushing. He has been airbrushing for over 40 years professionally. He is an accomplished artist in other realms as well. Mickey is a member of the Pentagon art program and has paintings hanging in the Pentagon. Mickey is highly acclaimed and does work for some of the biggest companies in the world but, is also affordable to the average person. Mickey fits your budget. Don’t be surprised at what you can afford.

He is a renowned educator and is known worldwide for his compelling teaching style and sense of humor. He teaches classes across the USA and Canada.

Mickey is known for his patriotism and love of his country, which is reflected in many of his most famous works to date. He donates much of his time and artistic skills to military, veteran programs and charities. He has done work for the Fisher House and Achilles foundation and still considers it his and every American duty to take care of our wounded Vets.

His list of accomplishments is endless, but to list a few, he is four time winner of the DuPont To-Gun award, special projects artist for General Motors, he is a member of the Pentagon Art Program. He is also the founder of the International and American Airbrush Association, as well as the Publisher of Airbrush Magazine. He has been on numerous T. V. shows such as Overhaulin’, Car Crazy, Garage Mahal, Drag Race High and Gearz with Stacy David. He has been featured in hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles.

Even with all of Mickey’s accomplishment’s he is just a regular guy; thankful to do what he loves for a living and proud to be a husband, father and Grandfather. He also has unfaltering dedication to his Country and its Veteran’s causes. So feel free to contact him via e-mail if you are interested in owning one of his masterpieces.

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